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Babies Born In June 2007

June Babies
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This community is for women who have had babies in June 2007. Hopefully this will introduce people sharing the same wonderful experience at the same time and maybe even meet some new friends. All posts in this community are members only for peace of mind and safety. You will need to join to participate and see the entries.
- Make sure you fill out the welcome survey listed below when you join this community. That way you can be entered into the community info and confirm you're an active member.
- Try to remain civil and not get snarky. Not everyone is going to agree with eachother all the time. A difference in opinion is perfectly normal. This doesn't mean you need to debate the issue. Please agree to disagree. Personal attacks will result in banning.
- Please make sure you lj-cut ALL pictures. Not everyone has a fast connection.

All members of this community are required to have given birth in May, June, or July. This is not only a comfort issue, but a safety issue. The mod reserves the right to remove anyone who isn't a mom, or someone who has a suspicious profile.
Please copy and post this survey with your first post so we can get to know you better!

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Married/Partnered/Single:
4. Location:
5. Child's Birth Date:
6. Child's Name:

Feel free to add any additional info to help us get to know you better.
Keep the community updated on how you and your little one are doing! Everything is already coded, so please don't alter the coding. All you have to do is highlight the form, copy (control & C or right click copy), paste (control & v or right click paste), and enter in your own information =)